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Welcome to the Langlade County Register of Deeds Office.  We are pleased to offer the latest technology for your information and convenience.  Our recording and tract index system is available either in our office using LandLink or through this internet site by using LandShark.  Our electronic tract index dates back to 1994 and images dating back to 1994.  All other recordings can be accessed in our office through our manual tract index. 

As in the past, the Langlade County Register of Deeds will continue to provide the finest service possible.  To ensure that we stay on the leading edge in our field, we will continue to update and make changes to this site and we encourage your participation.  We welcome your suggestions, comments and look forward to hearing from you.

Access to, and use of, this web service is subject to the terms and conditions of the Disclaimer and all applicable laws and regulations, including laws and regulations governing copyrights and trademarks.

Welcome to Langlade County LandShark




Here you can perform a search of our county land records tract information at no charge;  you must however log-in to enter the system. 

If you are a regular escrow account user please log in using your username and password, and doing so will automatically debit any charges to your escrow account.  If you don't have an escrow account you may log in using

Username:  public1  Password:  public  


Once you have logged into the system we strongly suggest that you click the "HELP" tab and then read or download the "Landshark User Guide".  If you have established an escrow account it is your responsiblity to manage your account, including adding and deleting users.


Currently credit card use is not available, thus unless you have an escrow account, you will not be able to view/purchase images.  You will need to identify which documents you wish to purchase, then send an e-mail to ONE of us which includes the document numbers you wish to obtain.  We will respond via e-mail with the total cost for the documents you've requested. 

After you've gotten our response regarding the cost,  you can then visit the county website and authorize a credit card payment for your documents.  Upon receipt of the payment and as our work schedule permits we will e-mail you the copies you've requested.


Links to our e-mail:


We DO NOT accept telephone calls for document costs, you MUST submit an e-mail request as instructed above.  We will respond as time permits given work flow priorities.  Thank you.



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